インターネット英作文(Best Translations 11/17-11/22)




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The idea that anyone who gets older becomes wiser is absolute nonsense.


It is completely wrong to think that as everyone gets older, they become wiser.

(everyone は、they と一緒に使えることをジュリー先生に確認しました。)


The idea that the more we are getting on in years, the wiser we become, is contrary to the fact.


It is thought that the older everyone grows, the wiser they become. However, that is not the case at all.


「事実に反する」をagainst the factにすると、「ちょっとぎこちないかな?」というジュリー先生の言葉があったのでagainst the fact を使っていない翻訳を取り上げてみました(なお against the fact  が入っている方々の翻訳も他の部分には光るものがありましたので紹介できないのが残念です)。 



Tomoko (コメント:名訳です)

While what relatively tastes good at first tends to lose our interest later, we feel what tastes bad more delicious as we get used to eating it.

 Sara (コメント:分かりやすく上手にまとめています)

It’s easier for us to get bored with the food that tastes relatively good at first.

However, the food that tastes bad gets better little by little once we get used to the taste.



If you try to find a book that is really valuable to you from among so many books now published, you will find it no easy task. But the greater joy you will have when you do find one.



Excellent works (of art) become your lifelong friends and teachers (Aさんの使っていたeducatorsもいいですね).

The older you grow, the deeper and longer lasting joy they will give you.    





The more developed modern civilization gets, the less we sleep.

Due to the progress of the means of transportation, we walk less frequently, resulting in our shortage of exercise.

↑ ジュリー先生の指摘通りここは関係詞の継続用法より分詞構文の方がきれいです。

In terms of diet, we can see many people lack nutrition in a flood of food.



An American researcher of Japanese culture recently published a voluminous book focusing on Japanese ‘bathing’.

In the book, he looked into and discussed Japanese bathing culture in both an objective and concrete way.

(以下は Tomoko さんのものを ジュリー先生が英文校正をしたものです。受動態を能動態に変えています。)

The more research foreigners conduct from their new and unique perspectives, the more opportunities there will be for Japanese people to appreciate their own culture once more.



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