Congratulations! おめでとう!福岡大学(医)

Hi, M. sensei,

I’ve got wonderful news today. Do you remember a high school girl who was studying hard to prepare for the entrance examination of School of Medicine?  In that year, we had two girl students who were studying for university entrance exams. One was Manami, who passed Hiroshima university. The other was  the one I am writing about. Unfortunately she failed the exam and she had to enroll a cram school. She spent one year there to try the entrance exam. again. I got a call from her this morning. She passed the entrance exam of the university she had failed a year before!  OK, you don’t still remember her… I will write about her more..She once had a private class with you and you played an English conversational game in the class, which was perfectly fine with her. Then I had a call from her mother. She told me that her daughter kept on crying for two hours after she left English Quest. You were very embarrassed to hear that and I knew that you did nothing wrong. The mother told me that it was the first time that she spent an hour with a foreigner alone  so she might have been too nervous. In spite of the event, she kept coming to  English Quest.  She finally passed the entrance exam of the university  she wanted to go to .  She is going to be a medical doctor. How wonderful !  I hope you now remember her!




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