Hot Springs and Beef!


Have you ever been to Arima? I just visited there last week. It’s a very small city near Kobe that is filled with giant hotels and ryokans(Japanese style inns).

What makes this place so special? It’s their famous hot springs. Yes that’s right, all these giant hotels and ryokans are filled with people who want to take a hot bath. That’s why I went there too. I wanted to try a famous hot spring and I chose a place near Kobe because I also wanted to try their famous Kobe beef. I also stayed at a ryokan for my first time. Among all three my favorite was the Kobe beef. That was amazing; the beef was like nothing I have ever tasted. It was very soft and it had a texture like velvet. Although the experience was very nice it was also very expensive. I think next time I will just buy some Kobe beef and cook it myself.


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